There is only so much space for a cat when it lives with another fifty! It's all fair in love and war when it comes to nap spots and we all know what the best nap spot is. Take your rightful place in The Couch Spot as the most powerful cat of all!

Claws & Paws is a turn-based combat game where a variety of cats must fight in tournaments to earn The Couch Spot for a whole month!

This was a game developed in a month by Filipe Serrazina (@phillserrazina) and Bernardo Silva (@bernardosilvaa), under the team name "Basement Kid Games", as a summer project.

Development Team


  • Unity 2018.3.14f1
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Bosca Ceoil
  • Audacity

Source Code

We decided to make all files included in this project open to anyone who wishes to learn from it or improve upon it! :)

Click Here For The Github Repo!



Claws & Paws.exe 27 MB


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I loved the game!

Its Pokémon-like gameplay (but without overworld) mixed with somewhat quirky humor makes it satisfyingly unique experience.

But it has its flaws, though.

A problem is that my PC screen is square-shape which hides the scene's edges.

Also the game feels quite unpolished.

A Pokémon Stadium-like local multiplayer could make the game even better.

That's all, and sorry for my broken English.

(P.S.: I'm that guy who tested the game in Lisboa Games Week)